Thursday, June 18, 2009

Potty Training

I have been potty training Warren this past week. He is doing really good. I wasn't ready to start the whole potty training process, but he was (he has been for a while). He would take off his diaper every time he pooed and come and get us so we could change him. It was really gross. I always had to go on a diaper hunt, and hope I found it before Garryn did. Jayson and I bought him one of those seats that go on top of the toilet seat so they don't fall in. As you can see Warren thought it was a hat at first.
I took Warren to the store to get some underwear, stickers and candy. He was so excited. He wanted to eat the candy as soon as we got home. I put it in a jar and told him he would get one every time he went potty. He was mad he didn't get to eat some right away, but he decided to go potty so he could get some. He has been doing great ever since. I also give him a sticker to put on a chart every time he goes. He feels so proud every time he gets to put another sticker on. He only had one accident the first day. We make him sleep in a diaper so he doesn't wet the bed. The first couple of nights he woke up with a wet diaper, but today when he woke up it was dry. I am so PROUD of him.

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