Friday, September 5, 2008

A Crappy Morning!

So this morning around 6am, Brennon yelled down the stairs for someone to bring him toilet paper. I wasn't completely awake yet, so I had Devon fulfil his request. Devon proceeded to throw the toilet paper up the stair. I told him that Brennon had obviously pooed, so he was going to have to take the toilet paper upstairs. Devon groaned but walked up the stairs, where he then threw the toilet paper at Brennon. I remember thinking I hope Brennon didn't get poo all over the toilet seat while he went to get that. I quickly forgot about it though, as I proceeded to take care of morning chores. Anyway after everyone was off to school. I went up stairs to check and see if Brennon had let the water out of his bathtub (I don't want my babies to drown). Well Brennon had let the water out of his tub, but I noticed there was poo smeared all over his toilet. It was disgusting. I decided I would leave it and let Brennon clean it up when he got home from school. Well, not too long after that I was checking my email and I heard the boys making noise upstairs (I have to find a gate to fit my stairs). I figured I better go check it out, and bring Garryn back down, so he doesn't fall down the stairs. When I got upstairs I was in complete horror. Brennons bathroom had water all over the floor, and the boys were climbing all over the poo smeared toilet, throwing toilet paper around. GROSS, I yelled and dragged the boys down stairs to take a bath. Then I decided I better clean up the mess instead of waiting for Brennon to do it. As soon and I was finished, I noticed Warren had taken off his diaper and thrown it down the stairs. I went to get it and put it back on him, when I noticed there was poo in it. Great I thought and went to go get the wet wipes and a new diaper. I told Warren to come with me. Well, he didn't follow so I went to go find him. He was sliding down the stairs on his butt wiping poo on them as he went. So I had to clean him up and the poo smeared stairs as well. So as the title of this post states I had A Crappy Morning, literally! GO POO
***Update: about an hour after posting this Warren walked up to me holding his hands out. He had brown stuff all over them. I know what you are thinking; not more poo, but yes, that is exactly what it was. You see in order to prevent Warren from just taking off his diaper after he was done with it, I had put it on backward. I guess he figured if he couldn't take it off he would reach in and play with it instead, and so the morning continues.


Parker said...

This is horrible. What is wrong with these men in your world? I'm kidding. YOu are amazing. You must really love them to put up with all that poo. YUCK.

Meredith said...

Gross! I haven't had a day just like that, but I have had ones that are pretty close. Days like that make me think that going back to teaching school is a really good idea!