Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The calm after the storm

Here is a picture of Warren and Garryn yesterday after a crazy and EXPENSIVE day. They both crashed on the couch. Here is a very brief recap of the day. We had two flat tires, and Garryn flooded our master bath. Luckily our handyman was at our house doing some work for us. He helped us get out our wet carpets out so we could salvage them. We will have to replace the carpet padding but it seams like everything else is OK. Garryn is a total stinker. You have to keep your eye on him every second or he is into some kind of trouble. I hope this phase doesn't last much longer. They look so cute when they are asleep. I wished it was me sleeping at this point but I was still busy with damage control. The life of a parent.

Brennon Baptism

Brennon got baptised about a week and a half ago on May 15. It was such a neat day. Brennon wanted Devon to be the one to baptise him. It was Devon's first time. He did a great job, even though I know he was really nervous. I was so incredibly proud of both of them. Here is our whole clan. Adalyn wasn't facing the camera in any of the pictures we took. This is the best we got. I am not sure what Brennon is thinking about. This was taken right after the baptism.Brennon's dad Scot and his wife Jill came for the baptism. Scot did his confirmation blessing. He did a really good job. Brennon is blessed to have so many that love and care about him. Brennon's friend Ashton drew this picture of Devon baptising Brennon. I love it! Check out Devon's full head of hair.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Devon entered a video contest for keeping Arizona green. He got an honorable mention for his video. Last night we went to an award ceremony for all the contestants that placed. I think Devon should have won but I am not one of the judges. You can go to the web site and see the picture of the winners and their video's . Here is the link .I am SO PROUD of Devon!! He worked really hard on this, and I think he did a fantastic job! He got a lot of really good feedback. Way to go Devon!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bath Time

Last night the boys had a great time playing around in their bubble bath. Addie just hung out on the side of the tub, wishing she could join in on the fun.

On a side note, don't you just love my brick floors! You can kind of see them in the picture with Adalyn. I have them in my entry way and in my halls and all the baths. I will have to post some more picture of our new home. I need to do some cleaning first. It would be a lot easier to do the cleaning if I didn't have so many little one tearing it apart all the time. I love my messy rugrats!!! I guess I will just have to settle for semi clean photos! I will post some soon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Yesterday Jayson took the kids for a walk. We only have a double stroller so Jayson put Adalyn in the back basket. This is what she looked like when she got home. I can't even handle how cute this picture is.

Sorry I have been so bad at posting lately. Things have been crazy at the Tripp household. Plus is doesn't help that my camera was not working for a while. I am going to try and do better. Wish me luck!!