Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brennon Baptism

Brennon got baptised about a week and a half ago on May 15. It was such a neat day. Brennon wanted Devon to be the one to baptise him. It was Devon's first time. He did a great job, even though I know he was really nervous. I was so incredibly proud of both of them. Here is our whole clan. Adalyn wasn't facing the camera in any of the pictures we took. This is the best we got. I am not sure what Brennon is thinking about. This was taken right after the baptism.Brennon's dad Scot and his wife Jill came for the baptism. Scot did his confirmation blessing. He did a really good job. Brennon is blessed to have so many that love and care about him. Brennon's friend Ashton drew this picture of Devon baptising Brennon. I love it! Check out Devon's full head of hair.

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Tricia said...

That is so awesome! Wish we could have been there!