Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The calm after the storm

Here is a picture of Warren and Garryn yesterday after a crazy and EXPENSIVE day. They both crashed on the couch. Here is a very brief recap of the day. We had two flat tires, and Garryn flooded our master bath. Luckily our handyman was at our house doing some work for us. He helped us get out our wet carpets out so we could salvage them. We will have to replace the carpet padding but it seams like everything else is OK. Garryn is a total stinker. You have to keep your eye on him every second or he is into some kind of trouble. I hope this phase doesn't last much longer. They look so cute when they are asleep. I wished it was me sleeping at this point but I was still busy with damage control. The life of a parent.

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