Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yesterday was Jayson and my 3rd year anniversary. It has gone by so fast. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband. For our date we went to Outback and then he took me to Anthropologie to get some latte bowls. A couple of months ago I decided I was going to have Jayson get me the latte bowls after reading in the nienie dialogies about how she gets some new ones every year for her anniversary. I thought that was so great.
Amber loved all the bowls, and even named them. She said Klara is her favorite. I used Klara to eat my oatmeal this morning. I felt super healthy.


Parker said...

Happy Happy Anniversary.
I love the bowls. I have them too. I like to use them when I eat strawberries. Amber is too too too cute. Here's to many more years full of happiness and good times.

The Sperry Fam said...

How do you get the thing that shows where everyone views your blog site from?
Happy Anniversary, it seems like you two have been married longer than 3 years. I love the bowl idea!!

LTD in Las Vegas said...

Do you know the Nielsen family? Then you must know Hartman & Chelsea Anderson, right?