Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lava Tube & Smores

Last week we took the kids up to the Lava Cave. It was a lot of fun. I always forget how much I love being in the mountains till I get there. We made a goal to go camping often. At least I made the goal. I am not sure how excited Jayson is about it. I am definitely more of an outdoor person than he is.

Outside the entrance to the cave

Looking down into the entrance to the cave

Looking into the cave

Looking out from inside the caveWarren and Garryn enjoyed walking around and playing on rocks while we waited for Devon, Amber and Brennon to walk though the cave. Jayson and I went after they got back.

When Jayson and I got done walking through the cave we came out to find Warren like this.Warren peed his pants while his diaper was off. Devon dried them out by the fire.

Garryn fell into some mud.Brennon tried to pull down a tree.Jayson tried to avoid the smoke as much as possible.We made grilled cheese sandwiches and smores before heading back home. We considered staying the night, but Warren shut Garryn's fingers in the van's sliding door and that pretty much ended that idea. Luckily Garryn's fingers were fine once he calmed down.

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