Monday, June 8, 2009

Dr. Tripp & Dr. Tripp

Last Friday Jayson's brother TeeJay graduated from medical school. Since Jayson got his doctorate in Pharmacy 3 years ago, he was able to hood TeeJay. It was neat to watch. I am so proud of both of them. The pictures didn't turn out great, but they are better than nothing. The end of the graduation was pretty exciting. Warren was restless, and I was holding Garryn so I let Warren walk around in between the door to auditorium and the door outside. I didn't realize there was a fire alarm lever in there. Amber asked me if I wanted her to get Warren out (I guess she saw the fire alarm). I said no, he is fine. Well, the guy came up to give the final remarks before ending the ceremony when a beeping sound started going off and the microphones shut off. They had to end the ceremony early. I thought it couldn't have been Warren and then I saw the fire alarm in the doorway where Warren was, and sure enough it was pulled down. I got us out of there asap. I guess TeeJay will always remember his graduation from medical school.


Anonymous said...

i saw that one coming knowing warren and his little mishaps i know he couldn't resist figuring out just what that little red lever did -amber xoxo

Parker said...

How exciting.
You guys and your Doctors.

I am so happy for Julie. She must be glowing.

And how cool is that that Jayson was able to hood him. So COOL.

love and hugs,