Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Water Bottle Love

I am not sure what it is about MY water bottle, but whenever I fill one up the kids want to take it over. Today Garryn got in on the action. He saw me with the water, and no mater how hard I tried to hide it behind me, he was determined to get it. When he did he started drooling all over my mouth piece. YUCK!!! I am trying to drink enough water, but it is hard when my kids molest whatever I put my water in. It doesn't matter what I put the water in, bottle, cup, jug whatever the kids want it. I DON'T GET IT. The older kids can get their own, and the younger two won't drink water from their own cups. I guess I just make it look so appealing. The funny thing is I really don't like water. I'm just trying to drink enough so I don't keep getting a UTI. I don't want to end up in the hospital with a kidney infection like I did when I was pregnant with Amber. Oh ya, Jayson and I are expecting AGAIN. I know this will make 6 kids. It is a lot, but we are really excited. One more kid to steal my water bottle

look mom, no hands!


Parker said...

OH, my goodness. Sneaky Jeannine. I almost missed the announcement. Happy times for you. You are amazing and beautiful. I'm so thrilled for you.
love you,

LTD in Las Vegas said...

You will have me beat by 2 when I have my boy in April. Congrats...I wish you well during your "sick season" and hopefully you feel better after the first bit?

Sarah said...

We are so excited for you guys!

I love the camelbak water bottles too- and Grace was always drinking out of mine- so we got her her own- we think it is way better than a sippy cup- less mess, and so outdoorsy, you can't beat it. Craig wants to get her a camelbak backpack to start wearing around this summer, maybe even start carrying her own diapers and wipes...