Monday, January 12, 2009

More Birthday Parties

We celebrated Garryn, Devon, and Grant's (Julie and TeeJay's son) birthday this past Saturday.I spent a good part of Friday cooking. I made 2 lasagnas (I even made the noodles) and 2 different cakes. I went to take my mom to run an errand and when I came back I discovered that Warren had dug into both half's of the chocolate cake. I didn't have the energy to make a new cake so I decided to use it anyway. I frosted all but the part that had been dug into. One half of the cake looks pretty good, but the other half not so much.

The party was fun. We had a bunch of family come over. Garryn didn't get to open any gifts since Warren thinks that is his job. Garryn is too young to care right now, but I could see that being a problem in the near future. Hopefully Warren outgrows this phase.

Jayson got some ping pong in. He just had to move my dining room table to do it.

I didn't take many pictures since my memory card is almost full. I need to have Jayson install my external hard drive so I can transfer all my photos. I also want to apologize to Amber. We had a party to celebrate her birthday and mine back in December. I didn't take any pictures for that party. She felt really bad that I didn't post about her birthday. She turned 10 on Nov. 25th.

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