Thursday, January 29, 2009


As far back as I can remember my mom used to drink Pero. When I got a little older I started to enjoy Pero myself, but unlike my mom I like mine with vanilla creamer and a little sugar. Well today I was cold so I thought I would make myself a cup. Warren immediately was after it. I thought hey, I'll give him a little bit, he'll realize he doesn't like it and leave me alone. Well, it didn't exactly go that way. Warren loved it and kept coming back for more. Then Garryn decided he wanted some, and wouldn't leave me alone till I got him some. I put some in Garrnys bottle and watered it down, gave Warren a little more, then finished my cup. After Warren finished his cup he came to me for some more, when I told him I didn't have anymore he went after Garryns, well as you can imagine that didn't go over well. I got Warren to give Garryn back his bottle and I made him his own cup.

Ignore the dusty Pero container. I wanted to show you what it looked like, but I dump my cans into clear containers after I open them. I just took this can out of the food storage room and didn't bother dusting the top.

Garryn finishing up his portion

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