Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goldfield Mine

Monday was MLK day. We were all off so we decided to go to Goldfield ghost town. It is only 30 minutes from our house and the kids have been wanting to go for quite some time. It was a pretty cool place. It was fun to walk around. Maybe next time we will do some of the attractions. I am thinking train ride, and mine tour. It might also be fun to do the Floozy tour. Maybe I won't take the kids on that one though.

I wasn't in any of the other photo's so here is one of me in the car.


Parker said...

Super FUN.
Buffy went there, she said it was really cool too. She also has a photo of herself in the birdcage too. Silly Birdcage.
YOU look so pretty.

Michelle said...

Jeannine what a great blog! I can see that you are doing sooo well! Yaaay! I'll share your blog with my family. Scott is still in Yuma and I bet he'd love to see this! FB is our blog right now. :)