Sunday, October 18, 2009

devon post: 8mm home movies!

I found this awesome Kodak 8mm movie camera at a garage sale and bought it for two bucks!

this is the type of camera that made those classic home movies that played on projectors. it uses double 8 film which you can still buy! so i did and made my own home movie. i bought my film at . i also has it processed there double 8 film is actually 16mm film but you run it through the camera twice exposing one side at a time then they cut it in half in processing. here is the processed film compared to the original film you get

i don't have a projector yet but i had the film converted to a digital file so i could see it in the meantime this is also good cause i can show you


Parker said...


This is so cool. I'll have to have you come take movies of my family someday. That would be the most fun.

love love,


Ashley said...

That is so cool!!!