Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picture Day

Yesterday was picture day at school for Amber and Brennon. Amber had me curl her hair. Brennon wanted to wear a tie with his shirt, but decided against it when Amber made fun of him. I let them dress themselves, since I never buy the school pictures. They always turn out crappy, plus they are expensive. I would rather take the kids to Sears to get their pictures taken, at least then I know what I am getting. I haven't even done that for a couple of years. I think maybe I will take them again this year. I do buy yearbooks for the kids every year. That way they get a copy of their picture taken, and they have pictures of all their friends. I always loved yearbooks as a kid. We didn't have them offered till Jr. High though. I wish we could have ordered them in elementary school. I would have been in heaven. Then I could have put harts around all the boys I had crushes on. The only one I can remember now is Ryan Lennox from 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. When I played barbies he was always Ken. My best friend April Irvine, and I played barbies all the time. She also introduced me to Pat Benetar, who I still love. I even bought Devon a Pat Benetar record for his collection.

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