Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amber's New Skirt

I got this book a few month ago and have been dying to try it out. It shows you how to make your own pattern or you can just sketch your measurement directly on the fabric.

Check out the skirt Amber and I made this past weekend. I made the pattern and the skirt, Amber sewed on the lace and the buttons. I think she did a really nice job. For the fabric we used a duvet cover I bought on sale from Ikea for $5.

Amber is excited to move on to the next skirt. I think I am going to let her do more of the sewing next time. She is really excited to use the sewing machine. I got an old curtain from a yard sale for 50 cents that we are going to use this time. I am all for using cheap fabric to practice with.

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Parker said...

Jeannine and Amber,
The skirt is fabulous. I am so impressed. I can't wait to see the next skirt.
love you two,