Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Goose Egg

Jayson and I were making our bed, and Jayson tried to get a sheet away from Warren, who slipped and hit his head on the column on our bed. When Warren started crying, my sweet husband told him " stop faking it, I know you didn't hit your head that hard". Anyway about 20 minutes later while I was sitting on the bed I noticed Warren had developed a huge goose egg on his forehead. I think Jayson felt pretty bad for dismissing his pain the way he did. The funny thing is Warren stopped crying after Jayson told him to stop faking it. I guess he isn't too young, to feel he has to be tough.

Warren hates to go to sleep, so he usually just crashes in the middle of what he is doing. He usually will fall asleep while eating since he has to sit in a chair and can't run around to distract himself. If he doesn't fall asleep while in his highchair then he will run around being supper naughty to keep his mind off the fact that he is exhausted. What a TURD!

One of Garryn and Devon, just because I think they look SO cute!


Parker said...

Cuter than CUTE.

little jill said...

Hey Jeannine! I totally remember you. You really should take Wendy's class. If you want to be better at portraiture, it's the best. Keep in touch!

Pease Family said...

Julia loves her bed and bed time, but I already know that Adria will be like Warren! She hates going to sleep.