Sunday, July 4, 2010

Meet the girls

Here are our chickens. We got bantam chickens so they are about 1/2 the size of normal chickens. We think they are pretty cute. They each have their own personality.

We call this one Jasmine since she is a sultan chicken. I guess Devon was thinking of Aladin. She is pretty scared of everyone. It could be because Garryn goes out there and picks them up and throws them. He is soooo naughty!

We haven't named this one yet. We usually call her Blackie because of her color. She is our smallest chicken. She is quite spunky though. She will lay green eggs when she starts laying.

This one we call Big Mama. She is a Buff Brahma. I guess it rhymes well with Big Mama. She is our biggest chicken. She is cautious yet friendly. She will let Devon hold her for quite a while.

This is Fluffy (Brennon was determined to name one Fluffy, and this one fits that description best). She is supper friendly. Except after Garryn has been around. Then she is supper freaked out. It could because she is the one Garryn captures the most.
Here they are frolicking around in our back yard. You can see all the weeds that have popped up. I can't wait to get them taken care of.


Anonymous said...

This also pleases me :)

Anonymous said...

this also pleases me

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your blogs are so sweet too read :)

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