Thursday, July 1, 2010

Devon's Project

We decided we wanted to get chickens when we were visiting in Utah. Devon and Amber immediately started dreaming up chicken coops. Devon sketched up a couple designs. One was a castle coop. Devon ended up deciding to build a 1950's inspired coop. He got the idea after visiting Ripples hamburger joint in Provo Utah (YUMMY burgers by the way!). Devon actually took a picture of it with his Polaroid camera. That is quite an honor. He doesn't have much film left.I was thinking it would be a while till we actually did it, but we found a local family that raises chickens and we fell in love. We bought four before we even had a coop for them. Devon finalized his plans and we went off to Home Depot for the supplies. Devon worked straight for about a week till he finished the coop. I did help a bit with the wire part. That was not fun. Good thing we had gloves.
Don't look too much at our grass (or lack of it). Jayson scalped it and then our sprinklers went out. Not a good combination. We have a landscaping friend who is supposed to come help us fix it. He is on vacation now, so it will have to wait a bit longer. It was really pretty before it all died. Now it is just dry little needles and weeds everywhere.

I decided I wanted to paint it a fun blue color. I was a little shocked at how bright it turned out. It looked more ghetto blue than charming cottage blue. I tried to have them change the color, but they said there wasn't much they could do since there was already too much pigment in the color. Oh well, I guess it will grow on me. Devon said it reminds him of the beach. I guess I will just have to imagine Greece when I see it.
Here is the finished coop. I think it turned out really good! Devon did a great job!!

Next post we will introduce you to our girls. They have been so fun to watch!! Who knew I would love having chickens so much.


Anonymous said...

this pleases me ~Amber ;)

Tricia said...

It will be fun to have eggs whenever you want! What a great way to be prepared!