Sunday, June 27, 2010

Utah 2010 part 2

We had a couple of day trips while we were in Utah. Jayson took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum by Thanksgiving Point. They had a great time

They especially like digging the toy dinosaurs out of the mud. Warren stuck a few of them in his pocket. When they got home and found them in his pocket they asked him why he put them in there. He said "so no one would see them". Mission accomplished. Later on he tried to say that Nana put them in his pocket. I guess my mom has some pretty long arms since she wasn't with them at the museum.

Warren and Amber are so silly! We also spent a day in Salt Lake City. We all enjoyed spending time at Temple Square. The temple is so beautiful!!
Garryn made Jayson carry him everywhere. We also took a tour of the LDS Conference center. This is a view from the roof. It is amazing up there.

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