Sunday, May 3, 2009

i got one of them new fangled phonograph machines and cleaned my room

Devon has been bugging me to let him post on my blog every once and a while. I have agreed. This will be his first post.

This weekend while going to garage sales we went to an estate sale and i got this awesome record player/radio for just $11

it was so cool i decided to redecorate my room

i moved my wall of stuff to the wall with my sword and shield so i could have a 50s-60s theme by my record player so far that includes this clown painting
this owl panting and assorted things on top of the record player. including the awesome postcard from Kathy
right now i only have three records but i want to start collecting them. they actually sell records at best buy which is cool.

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Parker said...

I have some Disney records from when I was a kid. I may need to share one with you.
I'll try to remind myself to find you one when I got home in a few weeks.
I know you will treasure it for sure.
I think it is so cool that you are into all things classic and vintage.
Love your new record player. It is super cool.

Love you too,