Sunday, November 8, 2009

Devon post : reel cool stuff from yard sales

Yesterday we went to yard sales as usual but yesterday i got two really cool things. i got both these things tor $5 at different sales. the first thing i got was a fancy lightsaber. these cost$120 normally

The second and coolest thing i got was a reel-to-reel player/recorder. I saw it on the ground with the $5 sticker on it. I immediately said in excitement "is that a reel to reel player!". the guy said it was and my mom said "whats that?". my mom kinda gave me weird looks for even wanting this strange object. anyway i got it and took it home. i looked it up online and found it is worth $300-$550! yay!

I don't have any tapes to play or record on but i can plug my record player into it and watch the meters move

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