Monday, July 13, 2009

the super ultra mega devon post

this post is a bunch of posts that i wanted to post earlier but i just never did

awhile ago i got a mysterious package from Kathy. just for that fact i knew it must be something good but the contents blew me away. they were (drum roll) awesome pristine Santa Fe super chief passenger train cars. i don't know how she knew that that was my favorite train or that i wanted these, she must be physic.
they are awesome. they run much smoother than my old train cars and they light up!
thank you so much Kathy! for all the stuff you have gotten me i love it all.
Record Collection
its amazing what you can find on craigslist. i got 115 record albums for $20 which works out to be 17 cents each. even though i don't know most of them it has some good ones in there. it also has repeats of some records i found one that i have two of that worth $20 its self
My Nintendo Game Collection
through garage sales and DI i have gotten a small Nintendo game collection. now all i need is a Nintendo! I've been looking on craigslist hopefully one will turn up soon
New Room Decorations!
through various means i have acquired various new decorations for my room. i got this fancy Gilbert microscope at a antique sale
this trombone was from a estate sale. i had to shine it up a bit but its cool
this type writer came from Sarah and i took the time to type the dedication speech of Disneyland(my favorite place). the awesome howdy doody head is a gift from Kathy. i love the randomness of it and its cool when older people recognise it . all of my siblings an Friends were clueless as to who it was, i guess its weird that i know. the thing they are both sitting on is my old erector set. New record player and a New Record
Brennon broke my old record player in my awesome stereo so i had to get a new one.

i finally found one that fit in my old stereo and here it is.
i also got a awesome record. The Best of the Beach Boys!


Parker said...

This post makes me SOOOOOO happy. I love you Devon. I think you are the coolest young man out there. When I get settled you should come stay with me (and Dan)and we can go treasure hunting. Just a thought. Maybe, next summer or something.
love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I really dig your typewriter. I have a Royal around the same vintage as yours and an Green Smith Corana from the early 60's that i picked up at a DI for $2. You have some good finds. I'm sad that I got rid of my Nintendo years ago. I wish I had held onto it so I could pass it on to you. Good luck with your search.