Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My baby turned one today

I feel kind of bad because today was Garryn's 1st birthday, and I set up a doctor's appointment him for today. I knew he would get shots, but I didn't think about how miserable he would be. That is no way to spend your birthday!! I feel so bad. He kept rolling around on the ground crying. I was trying to get a picture to show how miserable he was, but as soon as I pulled the camera out he started to pose. If you enlarge this picture by clicking on it you can see a tear running down the left side of his face. SO SAD!!

He couldn't pose forever and I did manage to get a picture of him looking pretty miserable. So you don't think I am a mean mom for taking pictures instead of consoling him. I did do that first, but he was too miserable and just wanted down.

He recovered a bit by evening and was ready for some cake. He even started singing Happy Birthday to himself after we did.

He really enjoyed his cupcake. I hope that makes up for me getting him shots on his birthday. Probably not, but it makes me feel better to think so.

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Parker said...

Happy Birthday Baby Garryn.